Three Years A Blogging

A few weeks ago, I thought of the blog anniversary coming up but it surprised me again. Thank you WordPress- always a kind message. You never forget my blog birthday.

Three years is not too shabby. I definitely feel the changes. Changes I am very glad of in many ways.

I was in my mid thirties when I kicked this off. Now I am in my late thirties. Ooh.

My girls are no longer under two. Either of them. We now miss The Joys of Two Under Two but get the pleasures that brings too.

My blogging began as an attempt to find something of myself again when my world became awash with nappies, tiredness and all that goes with parenting small children. Love and fatigue. I chose this as an outlet when getting away was less of an option. It was a particularly wet season January three years past, muddy and messy. I remember finding the gloom difficult. Time brought light. We have had snowstorms and heatwaves. Trips and holidays, fearful times and fun.

It has all been jam packed.

Three years.

I have worked through the technology, failing at times but always eventually succeeding with focus. Finding my way.

One hundred and eighty five posts. I am proud of every one.

Dozens of blogging friendships, more than several that I cherish. Blog communities were something I never expected.

You are never bored as a blogger. There is always something to write or read. An idea to consider, a prompt to peruse, a recipe to attempt or a humorous anecdote to enjoy.

I still have only met one actual other blogger (and we knew each other anyway!). Maybe this year will change that.

I haven’t lost a physical pound in those three years and maybe these posts (Candy Land :My treats, Mammy Time, Kildare Outlet and Killenard Estate An Awfully Big Aberdeen Adventure will explain why. Common theme: nosebag. Maybe this will be my year?

I may not drink champagne tonight. I will celebrate with Pepsi Max in life but will have Bitmoji bubbles on the blog.


Happy birthday Fancy Paper. I will always be grateful for our first day together.

Here is the first post. Times change. We still have Crazy days but of a different sort. Liked by a mere four bloggers, I was just glad to have written it. Here is to blogging 🥂 and what it is capable of.


43 thoughts on “Three Years A Blogging

  1. Oh yes. The blogging community that I found was a surprise. I just thought I’d sell a few more books.

    Congratulations, Orla, on your first Three. I envy your ability to watch as the next Thirty unfold.


  2. Happy blogiversary, Orla! I think it’s interesting ours are so close to each other, like some cosmic force told us both at the same time, “Start a blog!!”. Love reading about Ireland and your family. Here’s to more blogging adventures in the future!

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  3. Have a great versary. Your posts are always worth reading, often make my belly ache with laughter; always leaves me pleased I visited.
    I would love to share a cup of tea and a scone with you. Next time you are in England give this pal a message. X

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  4. I began my blog six years ago — I read somewhere it was the only way to sell novels. I did sell a few as a result, but what I got for sure were stories I wouldn’t otherwise have written, a larger world, friends, advice when I needed it — from experts! It was also a way for me to have a world of my own in the midst of teaching 7 classes a semester which isn’t so different from nappies, etc. :p Recently, a man from India, traveling in China, where I lived, and posting photos, inspired me to write about my experiences 35+ years ago and to scan the old slides. These are all tremendous gifts.

    It’s a pretty amazing thing. I’m glad we met, you in your remote corner of Ireland and me in my remote corner of, well, the whole world. 🙂

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  5. That’s amazing, Happy Bloggiversary! You’re right, blogging certainly does keep things interesting, there’s always something to do, read, write, and new people to ‘meet’. Here’s to another year of happy blogging 🙂
    Caz xx


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