Candy Land :My treats

Confectionary. Lovely, lovely sweeties. Such a weakness.


Am on my ‘morning out’. This is an occasion that I manage to acquire weekly at the moment. Betsy Paper is with Nana. Gigi is in playgroup. I am in the nearest town. Enjoying the freedom that travelling solo brings! One handbag. One person to safely take in and out of the car. One mouth to feed. Whereby we have a problem…this mouth feeds far too easily.

Talking about the handbag. I have released the Cracken that is changing bags when you are a Mammy! Step one in the happiness experience. I vow to wear at least one pretty item per week. Today it is my handbag. Nothing else fits…! But it does make life marginally pleasanter when I feel it on my shoulder on this morning free of responsibility. I recommend it.20160127_091829

You may have remembered my Apology Loop theory. It is this circle of guilt we feel as Mothers when we do things for ourselves. Well, I have just felt six guilt pangs as I write these words. Guilty that I like travelling solo. Sorry babies x Guilty that I enjoy my timeout. Am really, truly sorry. Bad that I have so much pleasure in a vintage piece of cloth. I don’t begrudge the baby bags. In fact, I have carefully chosen beautiful Spanish design ones. Yet I can’t help loving the fact my bag today holds a wallet, a brush, Caramax and a well thumbed copy of Persuasion!

Getting the morning off is a pleasurable routine that I have begun to rely on. However getting out the door is a nightmare. It’s not the  babies. It is me! I don’t want to walk away! What is wrong with me??!!   In fact the guilt is so strong,  I need to have solid ‘reasons’ to give for my pleasurable, indulgent morning of freedom. Which is why I am sitting in the middle of a very famous weight watching class …let us call them Gait Gnashers. Or Belly Bashers. So subtle!! I sit here. I weigh in. I leave. I head to the bookshop. I hit the cafe. Counteracting?  Probably. Necessary? God yes!! My leader is talking right now. I am hiding. Typing. Enjoying my morning off!

Candy Land is not a game I ever played. But it always sounded so attractive!  I can clearly remember the first proper craving I ever had for chocolate. The first time I felt the need to stand up and find the deliciousness for myself. I was so young , I had to ask my Mam for it. I remember her looking at me, a puzzled expression. I was a child who rarely ate anything. Goodies included. What had occurred?  Setting the scene.

It was a summer’s evening. One of those warm days when a shower comes along from the blue and you must return inside. How rude!! I was seven. I was on ‘holiday’ in my Granny’s house in the countryside. Myself and my cousins were big adventurers. Imagination led play was our skill. I now know that reading played a large role in our  abilities to make games from nothing. However, that day, the rain had put a stop to our gallop outside. When this happened, we retreated to the inside. Out came the books and comics. On this occasion, I had just spent pocket money on Roald Dahl’s ‘ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. The descriptions of Charlie’s indulgence in the sweet shop was so appealing to me, so effective. The words  were so powerful. Magical even. I went to my Mother looking for chocolate. I haven’t looked back since. Which is why I am sitting in Tummy Thumpers! ! Joking aside, it is a fabulous programme that works for me. In all honesty though, I know it cannot undo the hypnotic effect Roald Dahl placed on me in 1987. You know what? I don’t  want it to either!

So here I am on the morning off. My time in Candy Land. Next step? Handpick the treats. Maybe next time I will share them with you!


5 thoughts on “Candy Land :My treats

  1. Fabulous bag!! Thanks for sharing the memory.

    I remember Roald Dahl’s ‘Esio trot’- this was the first book that made me go WOW!

    I was nine, although I had read many of books by then, this one really made me think, and love Roald even more, as he captivated me with his clever play on words.

    This ignited my love of reading!

    Super post!


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