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Having recently finished the cute, romantic and tasteful The Red Notebook, I feel inspired by the main female character ‘Laure’ ( what a gorgeous name) to an introspective excerise. 20170612_132042In the novel, Laure kept a moleskine red notebook and tracked thoughts and feelings. Now, I don’t fancy that especially. No. I am not a diary girl anymore. However what I did like was her list of ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’.

In a bid to be positive, in order to counteract the terror in our world (as many blog posts now address), peace starts with us. We can only control ourselves and our own goodness. I will start with my personal joys. So simply put:

  1. I like smelling my coffee. I might not always finish drinking it (my husband’s bugbear), but I consider it was a wasted beverage if I didn’t inhale the first aroma of scalded beans.

    An actual real meal I had- not a computer download. The butter pat is wrapped in actual parchment.
  2. I like reading a book that makes me want to finish it. Life is too short to read a dull book. It is no crime to put down the book and leave it unfinished if it is not cutting the mustard.

    Major Mustard Cutters. Sounds like a character from Cluedo.
  3. I like tasteful and cute tidbits.  I am loving the new cafe culture in Ireland that envelops charm, health and wellbeing in a pretty setting.
  4. I love the concepts of simplicity in beauty. I may not be able to fully do it, but I sure like looking at it and thinking about it. I will get myself in trouble if I step into Sostrene and Greene anymore. (Try and stop me though!).

    It is like being in Denmark without the customs check. Affordable, delicate beauty. Indulgence.
  5. I love how my little girls smell like biscuits. A combination of bath gels, cremes and just their baby essence makes a wonderful vanilla, peaches and cream mixed with pixie dust scent that cannot be bottled.

  6. I love Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. uplifting, inspiring and magical for mood enhancing.piano-956386_640.jpg
  7. I love the feeling of clearing out an area and moving on what is unnecessary, leaving space to enjoy what is left.
  8. I love evening times with my husband.bitmoji-20170614010042
  9. I love looking at pots of jam. I pick them up, turn them over, admire. I rarely eat jam. I like the pretty pots though.20170613_102304-1
  10. I love a good conversation. As a poor conversationalist (I don’t feel this is a consistent trait I have ) when I do get ‘in deep’ I love it.
  11. I love cycling a bike. Mr Paper has gotten me back into this activity again and we go to Lough Boora in Offaly with the girls to search for fairies. This is the place to find them on our hired bicycles.B6A7243-e146185074650220170326_162610
  12. I love my girls’ hysterical giggles when they both fall over like clowns, dramatically and with no pain.
  13. I love going to bed. Snuggling into cotton sheets with plump pillows and a promise of relaxation. It may not always happen- but that moment of potential always does.bitmoji-20170614125848

Well thank you Laure. This trick works. I didn’t even notice that my likes quickly turned into loves- but they did. I urge you to try it sometime.  Counteract the badness out there with a whole bunch of positive thoughts.


34 thoughts on “Like to Love

  1. What a great list. In agreement about the books – too many delicious ones out there to waste reading one not capturing your attention. Also enjoying finding a few coffee shop that is warm and inviting enough to stay awhile. We have one that was a work table just for laptops.

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  2. Oh, my goodness! I absolutely love, love, love this! I also totally agree that life is too short for books that don’t make you excited to read them. I just gave up on a book and it was very freeing to accept that it wasn’t a “Major Mustard Cutter”! On to the next! I am really enjoying reading your blog-you’re a great writer ❤️👍.

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  3. This is such a lovely post!

    I did a similar thing a couple of years ago when for 100days I was meant to take a photo of something that made me happy that day. It was a really nice few months (and it still makes me happy when I see those photos on instagram…)

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  4. Oh what a beautiful post. I haven’t read that book but will do. Love the inhaling of coffee – yes! Oh and your girls smelling of biscuits, too! And yes life is too short to read dull books. The words have to mean something, they have to inspire you. Loved reading this #BigPinkLink

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  5. Aww, this is so sweet!! A lovely reminder of the little things that make us happy, can be such a great aid to positivity when we are feeling less than positive!! I love the smell of coffee too! Although I’m not an avid coffee drinker, I do adore the smell! I’m also the same with jam pots-I could peruse their cuteness for hours! I’m trying to do something similar to this at the moment-I’m trying to do it daily but sometimes forget! Or sometimes I remember but don’t have time to write it down, so just do it in my head instead! I love the sound of the book, I’ll have to find it!

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  6. I use purple Moleskines, but I haven’t read The Red Notebook, yet. Been on my list for ages. Must do my own version of this list, I’m relaxed just reading yours. And I LOVE the way Isla smells, ha!

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  7. I have a strange love of a full refrigerator. There’s something about a lot of veggies and fruits and tubs of goodness that makes me feel abundant and satisfied. (Until later when I have to throw out the spinach I forgot to use.)

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